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Technical Features:
  • Hi-tech radial lock locking mechanism for ultimate ease of operation and safety.
  • Steam Release valve of Stainless Steel ensuring a long life of the equipment.
  • Huger grade spring loaded safety valve of brass, duly chrome plated.
  • Water Indication Gauge with stainless steel enclosure.
  • High accuracy and reliable pressure gauge.
  • Multiple operating valve for the control of the sterilization cycle.
  • Accidental Vacuum Break Device: Ensuring vacuum break due to power failure or any other usage.
  • Water Level Cut Off Device
  • CUT Hammer contractor for long trouble free usage.
  • Specially designed ISI marked stainless steel heaters.
  • Plug screen to prevent line choking due to sediment discharge.
  • Highly accurate temperature and pressure gauges for boiler chamber and jacket.

The heating process in our triple walled Horizontal autoclave is done through specially designed water heaters of suitable wattage to ensure optimum sterilization time in every sterilization cycle.

Working Temperature

As per the international standards and guidelines our triple walled Horizontal autoclave have a working temperature of 121° C. ,however for specific requirements our autoclaves can be upgraded to be used for up to 134° C.

Pressure Range

The normal pressure range of our autoclave is 5 psi to 20 psi

Load: 18KW