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Belts and Rehab Support


Shoulder and Clavicle Supports


Universal Shoulder Immobilizer

- Supports dislocated shoulder & holds it firm.
- Adjustable hook & loop for desired position.

Shoulder Support

- Allows the athlete or patient to gradually return to full range of motion.
- It provides warmth support & pain relief to the shoulder joint.
- Recommended in inflammation, pain or mild instabilities to the shoulder joint.
- It can be worn comfortably under clothing.
- Hook and loop closure for easy adjustment.


Clavicle Brace

- Applies pressure & holds clavicle bone in fracture cases.
- Useful in post operative clavicular fracture treatments & Supports bandage & binds incision.
- Also cures stooping shoulder and hump-back.

Elastic Shoulder Immobilizer

- Provides four way immobilization.
- Elastic belt & buckled grips immobilize the injured arm.
- Can fit either left / right arm.