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Belts and Rehab Support


Finger Splints


Cot Splint

- Recommended in finger tip injuries, nail bed injuries and burns care. U shaped clip style metal splint offers comfortable fit. Provided with ventilated foam padding.

Frog Splint

- Recommended in hyper-flexion injuries and collateral ligament injuries of Distal Inter Phalangeal joint. Maintains interphalangeal joints in correct position. Foam padding ensures comfortable fit.


Baseball Splint

- Stabilizes the phalangeal joints in correct position. Aluminium splint can be reshaped to hold fingers at an exact degree of flexion or extension.

Extended Baseball Splint

- Recommended in mallet finger, distal phalanx fractures. Also used in hyperflexion finger injuries (sports injuries). Foam padding ensures comfortable fit.


Spoon splint

- Recommended for support and protect dislocated fractures. Upward curve at the tip provides protects to end of finger. Velcro strapping provided.


Stax Mallet

- Useful in hyper flexion injuries like mallet finger. It keeps the finger in 10 degree of hyper extension. Made of engineering plastic. Ventilation holes keeps the skin cool and dry. Pre - cut design for perfect fit.