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Belts and Rehab Support


Chest Supports


Sternal Splint

- Soft foam padded for mild compression support. High quality 5.25” chest wrap with convenient Velcro & for sternum weakened by injury/surgery.


Rib (Chest) Belt

- Holds the thoracic, upper abdominalregion & rib cage.
- Facilitates easy breathing,deep breathing/even spasms.
- Ideal for stabilizationof sternum fractures.


Chest Guard

- Ideal while bike riding to avoid strong wind draft hitting the chest region & protection from cold infection.

Hyper Extension Brace

- Fixes the Lumber Vertebral Column in a hyperlordic position. Acts on three point pressure principle by excerting pressure against sternum and pubis on anterior aspect and thoraco Lumber region on the posterior aspect.